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Terri Anderson Burnett and Christopher Burnett

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Terri Anderson Burnett attended Bowling Green State University as a music major. She then joined the US Army Music Program and toured many parts of Europe performing as a Flute and Piccolo Player with the Army band at Ansbach, Germany.


CbQ is an eclectic instrumental music ensemble comprised of a quartet of accomplished musicians. Original compositions. Select work by other composers. Configured in quartet, trio and duo formats of six various combinations.


Christopher Burnett has performed professionally around the world with military bands, recorded noteworthy albums as a leader, taught at the college-level and co-founded a significant independent recording label.

REPORT: Live Concert + Live Webcast

Original instrumental music on a weeknight.

Photograph by BurnettPublishing.com

Photograph by BurnettPublishing.com

Photograph by BurnettPublishing.com

Tickets were $10.
Forty people attended.

Photograph by Toni Gates

Photograph by Toni Gates

Photograph by Toni Gates

Thanks again to Tom A Ptacek and Westport Coffeehouse Theatre for this photo of the group and our musical guests. 40 people attended on a Tuesday night and 25 people watched the live webcast. We look forward to performing at your venue again.

Our live webcast was a “tip jar.”
Eleven people paid – 25 watched.

Marketing + Press Coverage

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS – Supplementing social media marketing, we sent a press release to national media outlets to promote this weekday concert.


KANSAS CITY STAR – Our concert was listed among the Noteworthy events in Kansas City Star by jazz critic, Joe Klopus in his Jazz Town column.

Project Gallery

Michael Jefry Stevens arrived on June 2.

We sent the music weeks in advance and CbQ came to rehearse on June 5

Michael and Marcus Hampton
… it was a “good hang”

Andrew Stinson and Marcus Hampton
… it was a “good hang”

Michael and Morgan Faw
… it was a “good hang”

I wrote two articles for
the Lamp newspaper as well.

Taking Michael to the airport June 7.

Event Production Assessment

Westport Coffeehouse Theater
… a great scene for jazz and progressive music.

o This was a very enjoyable and successful musical experience on all accounts.

o Weeknights in Kansas City jazz venues (and, especially those with a cover charge) are normally “crickets,” so having the forty people attend the live concert event on a Tuesday night was actually great.

o A weekend performance would have yielded higher audience attendance numbers.

o We thought Westport Coffeehouse Theater was a perfect venue for our music and audience in Kansas City.

o Event planning and implementation were seamless. The concert program lists our production crew.

o Terri and I would like to thank Toni Gates and Bill Reindl for the logistical support that made for a very professional concert experience – Ticketing, Customer Service, and CD Sales.

o Audience response was extremely positive to our music and our presentation.

o Both, the live concert audience and live webcast audience expressed appreciation.

o Live Webcast of concerts is the next “thing” – it now works because the technology has finally caught up to be practical and functional for use by the typical consumer.

o The webcast audience noted the good quality of picture and sound as well.

o Thanks to musical guests, Marcus Hampton + Morgan Faw.

Michael Jefry Stevens and I had been hoping to perform together for over a decade – and, we finally did on his first-ever trip to Kansas City.

o And, with the success of this concert in the Westport district of Kansas City, we hope to make this an annual collaboration between my guitar quartet and Michael Jefry Stevens.

Find the CD titles we sold at the concert here:

Upcoming Concert