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Terri Anderson Burnett and Christopher Burnett

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Terri Anderson Burnett attended Bowling Green State University as a music major. She then joined the US Army Music Program and toured many parts of Europe performing as a Flute and Piccolo Player with the Army band at Ansbach, Germany.


CbQ is an eclectic instrumental music ensemble comprised of a quartet of accomplished musicians. Original compositions. Select work by other composers. Configured in quartet, trio and duo formats of six various combinations.


Christopher Burnett has performed professionally around the world with military bands, recorded noteworthy albums as a leader, taught at the college-level and co-founded a significant independent recording label.

Welcome To Your Life

Musings In Cb:
“Welcome To Your Life”

I officially submitted my resignation letter and 2-weeks notice to the Lamp newspaper.

I have had a wonderful experience working at the Fort Leavenworth Lamp newspaper this past year.

As a result, it is a bittersweet occasion that I resigned from the company as Staff Writer and Reporter.

I leave in order to resume my performing, recording, and teaching as a full-time professional musical artist based in my native Kansas City metropolitan area.

My last official issue is the September 28 edition.

I appreciate and value the lessons I learned under the tutelage of Lamp Editor Bob Kerr and Lamp Photojournalist Prudence Siebert.

Thanks to Sandy Hattock and Mark Roundtree at the Leavenworth Times office as well.

Thank you all for the opportunities, mentorship, and the support during this past year – it was truly an honor.

V/R, Cb

Christopher Burnett