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(This is a “now page” –  encouraged and inspired by Derek Sivers, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

March 2018

Kansas City Star Events Calendar

Christopher Burnett Quintet – CbQ performs on the First Saturdays, January through December in 2018 at Black Dolphin. The thesis of this residency is parallel to that of the history of modern jazz – to develop beyond an assemblage of great individual players into an established group. CbQ is Christopher Burnett, alto saxophone; Charles Gatschet, guitar; Roger Wilder, piano; Dominique Sanders, bass; and Clarence Smith, drums. CbQ plays Burnett original compositions and select masterworks. We are planning to record at the end of the year and hope to see you at these concerts. To learn more about CbQ and see the complete schedule visit the link:


Terri Burnett Flute – T continues to perform with the University of Saint Mary community wind ensemble under the direction of Dr. Bill Krusemark. Her last performance was the Christmas Holiday Concert, December 5 and they are preparing for the Spring Concert. The First City Flutes have resumed rehearsals and T now leads a quartet from within the larger group. Also, see the link:


Burnett Publishing – Two new student jazz ensemble arrangements, “Raconteur (The Storyteller)” and “Villages” are available as digital downloads from Sheet Music Plus (Hal Leonard Publishing). Along with: “Major Tetrachords for Band – Mastering Scales – Part 1” and “Harmonic Minor Scale and Jazz – Applying jazz theory to the ii-V-i progression in any minor key” – both are applied music clinics with lesson plans, scores, and individual parts. Visit the link for these items and other updates:


Jazz Artistry Now – Look for Scott Yanow’s latest reviews. Read the editorial preview, listen, and learn more about now music at the link:


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T after a rehearsal with the First City Flute Choir

Cb gave a clinic at the
2018 KMEA In-Service Workshop

With Cb’s high school band director,
Mr. James R. Fuchs at KMEA.

CbQ March 3 @ Black Dolphin in Kansas City. It was great seeing so many friends and venue patrons out. Photo by Terri Anderson Burnett.


Music Is Life Is Music – Speaking of progress…

Always Study and Practice!

We both have been professional musicians since our days as members of military bands forty years ago.

Even then, I was ultimately certified as being among the top tier of the military musician community, objectively speaking.

We never stop growing.

I am lots better technically as a musician and artist now because of the many positive factors that so much time working in one’s professional field inherently affords.

An artist is always evolving creatively while refining craftsmanship relative to their discipline.

I am able to practice several hours a day on all of my woodwinds. Devoting that much time allows me to confront most all aspects of my artistry. Cool.

We never stop learning.

Always keep practicing.

All the best! Cb