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November and December 2017

Kansas City Star Events Calendar

Chris Burnett Quintet – It’s official, please mark your calendar now. CbQ will perform on the First Saturdays, January through December in 2018 at Black Dolphin. CbQ is Christopher Burnett, alto saxophone; Charles Gatschet, guitar; Roger Wilder, piano; Dom Sanders, bass; and Clarence Smith, drums. CbQ plays original compositions and select works by other composers. We hope to see you at these concerts. To learn more and see the complete schedule visit the link:


Terri Burnett Flute – T continues to perform with the University of Saint Mary community wind ensemble under the direction of Dr. Bill Krusemark. Her last performance was their annual Halloween Concert, and the group is preparing music for the Christmas Holiday Concert, December 5. The First City Flutes will resume performing after Advent. Also, see the link:


Burnett Publishing – Two new publications are available as digital downloads from Sheet Music Plus (Hal Leonard Publishing). “Major Tetrachords for Band – Mastering Scales – Part 1” and “Harmonic Minor Scale and Jazz – Applying jazz theory to the ii-V-i progression in any minor key” are applied clinics with lesson plans, scores, and individual parts. Visit the link for these items and other updates:


Jazz Artistry Now – Look for Scott Yanow’s review of “The Time Verses” by David Binney soon. Read the editorial preview, listen, and learn more about the release at the link:


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Music Business Plan Outline #1

Music Is Life Is Music – We came across the business plan outline for our very first recording session from December 1979 a couple of days ago. Our latest project is 2017’s “Echoes of Europe.” I was looking for some trombone voicing notes among those archives and stumbled upon the 1979 production plans.

We recorded two selections (one of my originals and Sonny Rollins’ Pent-Up House) with Bob Henry as engineer; Larry Bennett and James McNeal, trumpet; Christopher Burnett, alto saxophone; R. Stephen Gilbert, tenor and soprano saxophones; Gene Smith, trombone; Leon Johnson, fender rhodes; Bruce Shockley, bass; and Dennis Butler, drums. Terri Anderson Burnett and Christopher Burnett, producers.

We’ve been on this artistic path our entire adult lives. Cool. Who would have guessed we would still be producing recordings and playing music after all of this time? Besides us, of course. But, I think some of you on this list would have guessed it too.

I’m often asked how I am able to do so many seemingly diverse things at a professional level. The answer is relatively simple to me, systems management and organization. I learned lots from my family home life growing up and refined all of those skills during my career with professional military bands.

Music Business Plan Outline #1

As November is already upon us, 2017 has been another pretty cool year, so far. We are looking forward to spending the winter holidays with family and friends. Blessings.

I’m writing music for the Leavenworth High School jazz band students and my ensembles as well. It’s been pretty neat working with Dr. Jared Prost and his band kiddos part-time. The future.

Music Business Plan Outline #1

T is seriously practicing piccolo again too and recently has been working on a solo piece, “Dance of the Southern Lights” by Dr. Eric Richards who composed this piece in 1985 for Nan Raphael, piccolo soloist with The US Army Field Band. He even provides the piccolo solo part online as a free PDF download.

I’m practicing lots too and getting to play regularly as a sub with an excellent progressive large jazz ensemble comprised of the top jazz players in the KC metro region, Jim Lower Jazz Orchestra. The level of music and musicianship provides an outlet for me to keep my reading skills and woodwind doubles up to the refined professional level we all like to maintain. This group is at Californos in Westport on Tuesdays (7-10).

Music Business Plan Outline #1

There have been lots of updates to our portals online. Take some time and visit. is the gateway to all of our sites online. Each of these websites looks great on mobile devices and tablets, but the experience is genuinely enhanced if you can view them using the larger screen of a computer. Enormous amounts of content to explore. Lots of media to enjoy as well.

It is wonderful to reconnect with the regional arts and media communities again. We hope to share more good news soon…

All the best!

V/R, Cb